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Host Leaderboard

With 24 graded Rickies officially behind us, this is the leaderboard of overall wins, picks, risk, and flexing power (FP) of the hosts of Connected.

The predictions charts and statistics include picks from all Rickies, including the latest Keynote Rickies and Annual Rickies, picks from one ungraded Rickies, and picks from three earlier prediction episodes that predate the (Bill of) Rickies as partial points had been awarded.

Myke’s Memoji avatar
Myke 🏆Annual Chairman
🪙Coin Flip Champion
Won 8 Rickies
50.7% correct picks
32.5 points • 60.5 FP
Federico’s Memoji avatar
Federico 💰Most Generous Donor
🤴🏻Prince Flexy
Won 9 Rickies
43.3% correct picks
31.5 points • 54.75 FP
Stephen’s Memoji avatar
Stephen 🏆Keynote Chairman
📜Document Maintainer
Won 7 Rickies
46.7% correct picks
28.5 points • 55.5 FP