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Lex’ Memoji

About Rickies.co

Hi, I’m Lex Postma from The Netherlands. Rickies.co is my tribute to the Rickies prediction draft episodes of the Connected podcast. I’ve grown up with Relay FM shows (and their predecessors), they’ve shaped part of who I am. So I wanted to create something cool for Myke, Stephen, and Federico, to thank them for the many hours of fun I have had ‘with them’ over the years.

As a designer I poured my heart into the details of this fun personal project. As an amateur web developer I learned many new skills while holding two hammers (PHP and Airtable) and seeing nails everywhere.

The main features of Rickies.co are:

  • 🏆 A complete overview of all Rickies, including prediction shows before the official Rickies.
  • 🎯 For each Rickies, all details are together in one place. Try the latest Rickies for example.
  • 🟠 Ungraded Rickies are interactive so you can score live with the event before the official results are in.
  • 📊 Host leaderboard with full statistics, interactive Chairman timeline, Risky Picks, Flexing Power, titles and achievements for each host.
  • 📜 Watch The Bill of Rickies grow into existence with a full history of the document and theme music.
  • 📱 Standalone web app, optimised for iOS devices with support for dark mode, sharing, pull-to-refresh, and safe areas.
  • 🗄 Built on top of an Airtable database. All data and most assets and calculations come from there.
  • 🔍 Search and filter the full prediction archive, including metadata like prediction type, category, host, event and more. With search term highlighting and charts that change with the results.
  • 🧲 All the official and unofficial trophies with the Tricky in AR, an interactive MagTricky, and the cute Ricky mascot.
  • 💻 Rickies API to fetch who is the current chairmen.
  • 🎄 Supports holiday specials with The Pickies, including The Pickies Charter with history, Triple J Leaderboard with Memoji, and the archive with custom filters.

Other fan efforts have preceded, inspired and/or aided me in creating this site. The ever changing rules on The Bill of Rickies triggered me initially, and inspiration from Zach Knox’ interactive scorecards for the Upgrade Draft completed the concept. The result is Rickies.co, my take for my favourite show.

If you have feedback, notice a bug, or just want to chat, you can always contact me; I’m @lexpostma everywhere. Email and the Relay FM members Discord are also possible of course. I look forward to hearing from you! 👋