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During the Keynote Rickies of June 2020, the Bill of Rickies was amended to include a donation to a charity of choice. The loser of the Flexies must donate $25 per wrong Flexy to a charity of the Flexy winner’s choice. Since then, the hosts have donated a total of $2050 across 13 different charities. Below are all the charities throughout the years, sorted by donation amount.

Charities have been a recurring theme for Connected and Relay FM. Every September, the Relay FM community of podcasters and listeners rallies together to support the lifesaving mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Throughout the month, Relay FM introduces ways to support St. Jude through entertaining donation challenges and other mini-fundraising events that culminate in the annual Relay for St. Jude Podcastathon.