The Bill of Rickies

The Rickies

  1. The winner, who shall be called Keynote Chairman, from the previous Rickies gets to pick first. The 2nd place winner gets to pick second.

  2. Annual winners roll over to preserve the order. For example the 2019 annual winner gets to go first for the next annual picks.

  3. Order for the Keynote Rickies is based on the previous Apple event.

  4. The Loser goes last.

  5. To earn any points, everything written down in the prediction document must come true.

  6. There are no half points awarded in any round.

  7. Picks cannot be reused.

  8. One point is awarded for any pick deemed correct in the first two rounds.

  9. Two points will be awarded for correct picks in the Risky Pick Round.

  10. If your Risky Pick is wrong, you lose a point.

  11. The two other hosts must agree that your pick is “risky”.

  12. For Keynote Rickies the scoring window starts when the event begins, and closes when the picks are scored. Information must be publicly verifiable to be used in scoring.

  13. The winner of the Regular + Risky Picks must be granted access to the Annual or Keynote Chairman Twitter account, which ever applies, and will retain access until another winner is named.

The Flexies

  1. The loser of the Flexies must compensate the winner of the Flexies by donating the charity of the winner’s choice.

  2. The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong Flexy made by the loser.

  3. In the case of a tie, the ratio of correct-to-incorrect Flexies will be taken into account.

  4. Each host must make a minimum of 5 Flexy picks.

  5. Flexies may be reused as future Flexies or regular picks.

  6. The money must be donated on air.